In the Spotlight- Jen


What attracted you to Coreco?

I joined Coreco in 2011 when the company had only been trading for 2 years. They were quite a new company and it was perfect for what I was looking for. Coreco were a new platform and I felt like it was a company I could grow with, especially as they were offering self-employed packages and I had already been self-employed for a couple of years. We were just shaping ourselves out of the recession. It had been a tough time and being self-employed was very difficult.

I also quite liked the fact that they were located in the City as I had worked in Mayfair for a couple of years so I feel like I’ve worked in two of London’s financial environments each providing different experiences. Even with only 2 years trading Coreco had started to be shortlisted for awards which I found impressive. Of course Andrew Montlake is a driving force as he is so established within the industry and the experience of the Directors makes Coreco a very attractive proposition. That has been the same from when I started to now. It has been a pleasure to see how the company has grown and what has been achieved during my 5 years.


How do you ensure that the client journey is as good as it can possibly be?

Different people have different opinions about this but for me the most important thing is that initial face to face meeting where you meet the client and you have that initial hand shake and eye contact and you explain to them who you are and you talk them through the choices that you will help them make, you can really tell a lot from that first hour with them. Positioning and setting that meeting up correctly is the best point of contact you can have.  Coreco’s process of looking after initial enquiries prior to adviser contact is thorough and slick.

Of course I then have to do the research to find a solution to meet the client’s needs, and make sure that I stay in contact to the point where the client actually requires my services. I’m also very lucky that I have excellent case management. Colette provides excellent service to my clients once the mortgage application is submitted so I think good solid admin support is very important. I would say I do my bit, Colette does her bit and I believe that the client is then very happy with the overall journey by the end with what we’ve been able to deliver front and back.


What effect will the base rate cut have on the mortgage market?

I think it will increase remortgage activity and I think it can only be a positive thing for the mortgage market.

On the whole I’m very pragmatic about the role. People need somewhere to live, irrespective of interest rates. As a nation home ownership is important and is an aspiration for many.

My personal opinion is that whether interest rates are high or low it doesn’t affect the market because there will always be a demand to buy houses, so the market will continue to trade. What has affected our market previously were cuts in funding. As long as there is money to be lent the market will remain buoyant. The fact that interest rates are low now is a fortunate situation, the cost of money is low so there will be lots of people taking advantage of that.

Our job is ultimately about being able to survive whatever the environment dictates so it’s just a case of adapting to the current climate. And when interest rates eventually rise we’ll have to roll with the punches all over again!


If you could give clients one piece of advice for obtaining a mortgage for their dream home, what would it be?

Be financially sensible and look after your money, so don’t spend unnecessarily when you’re trying to buy a house. Save and look after your credit profile. That means two things: a) don’t do anything silly with your credit so that you’ve got missed payments and b) that doesn’t mean that you can’t use credit, a lot of mortgage lenders will encourage you to build up a credit profile. So by all means use your credit card just ensure that you clear up the balances as being financially sensible with your money will make the whole process considerably easier.


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What’s your favourite holiday destination?

I’ve travelled quite extensively and I’ve lived abroad so I’m spoilt for choice in that respect. This is a tough question!  I loved India, Japan, a lot of America and the Caribbean.  I love different places for different reasons.


What’s your favourite cuisine?

I like French food, but actually my mum’s home cooking is pretty famous. She does an amazing lamb curry and there are a few Filipino dishes that are really plain and simple but are my favourites.


Best piece of advice you have ever received?

Here’s a Feng Shui piece of advice ‘If it doesn’t bring you joy, you don’t need it any more’


Favourite film?

This probably expresses the range of my personality

Snatch, Legend of the fall, Pretty Woman, and there’s a film called Apocalypto that I really like


Hidden talents?

I paint and I draw


Favourite restaurant in London?

My favourite dining experiences in London have been at Benares & at Le Gavroche in Mayfair


Do you speak any other languages?

French and Spanish (although terribly out of practice)


Top 5 celebrities that you would invite to a dinner party?

Brad Pitt

Muhammed Ali

Marilyn Monroe

Salvador Dali

Thandie Newton


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