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Advantages and Disadvantages of Let to Buy

A Let to Buy mortgage is a popular choice for people who aren’t ready to sell their home or want to become a landlord. If you aren’t intending to sell your current property, but still want to get a mortgage … Continue Reading

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Coreco Why remortgage infographic

Why would you want to remortgage? (Infographic)

If you’ve been on a mortgage for a while now and have paid back a sizeable portion, you might have gained enough equity to make a remortgage a smart financial decision. Our infographic explains why:  

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What’s the big deal with Offset Mortgages?

Offset Mortgages haven’t enjoyed the level of popularity in the UK that they have in other countries. Just 6% of UK mortgages are Offset Mortgages and part of the reason for this is that people don’t fully understand what they … Continue Reading

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Why would you want a remortgage?

A remortgage is when you take out a loan on a property on which you already have a mortgage. Quite simply, this replaces your existing mortgage with another, which can be done because your existing product is coming to the … Continue Reading

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Essential Tips for First-Time Buyers

Getting on the property ladder can be a daunting experience. Whether it’s for investment purposes or you’re buying your first home, there are dozens of essential considerations to take into account before you know if you’re ready. However, these are … Continue Reading

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What to expect from your first meeting with your Coreco adviser

We created a couple of fun videos to let you know what to expect during your first appointment with your Coreco adviser.

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Saving for your first deposit

Saving for that first deposit is often the biggest hurdle between you and getting your dream home. It seems like a daunting process, but it doesn’t have to be. With careful planning and some research, you will feel totally in … Continue Reading

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Coreco’s Landlord Guide

Every Landlord Needs To Know Further Changes Are Coming If you are a Buy to Let Landlord, then you are entitled to feel as if you have been hit from every angle by a litany of regulatory and tax changes … Continue Reading

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Bow Terrier

Every dog has its day

Looking to start your mortgage application? The experts are here to guide you through it. … Continue Reading

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Patrick and Bow

Don’t get delayed – how to prepare your mortgage paperwork

Don’t get delayed in your mortgage application because you weren’t prepared with the necessary paperwork. … Continue Reading

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