Buildings and Contents insurance

High Value Home Insurance for Private Clients


Insurance that values your lifestyle

It is a common misconception that all insurance policies are the same and provide the same level of cover. This simply isn’t true! If you have a valuable property, land and possessions a standard insurance policy will not always provide adequate or appropriate cover.

Who needs high value home insurance?

Generally speaking, properties with a buildings reinstatement value of £400,000, or contents (including art, antiques and jewellery) in excess of £80,000 will qualify for a bespoke high value home insurance policy.

What makes a high value home insurance policy different?

A high value home insurance policy will adequately protect the things that you cherish most in life. Bespoke products available for high value homes usually include the following benefits, which are often not found in a standard home insurance policy:

  • Worldwide “All Risks” cover for your possessions
  • Free appraisal or valuation services to ensure adequate protection
  • Specialist cover for fine art, antiques jewellery and collections
  • Cover for domestic employees and their possessions
  • Worldwide annual travel insurance for resident family and staff
  • Less onerous policy terms and conditions, often warranty free
  • Specialist claims service designed to settle claims quickly and efficiently

How can they help you?

The Private Clients Division of Aston Scott have strong relationships with a number of specialist providers of high value home insurance which enables us to deliver a detailed and informed analysis of the products, polices and solutions they have to offer.

It is also a misconception that specialist or bespoke usually means expensive. This is not always the case. By combining covers under one policy with a specialist provider you may be surprised at the level of premiums that can be achieved, particularly if you have more than one property and very high value possessions.

If you would like to discuss your own specific requirements with one of our professional advisers or to arrange a meeting for a complimentary and detailed appraisal please contact us. Any quotations provided will of course be subject to the terms and conditions specified by the proposed insurer.

For more information about Aston Scott Ltd and the services they offer, please contact us on 020 7220 5110.