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The Future of Estate Agency Part 2 – Ed Mead

Here is a follow-up from guest blogger and Property Expert Ed Mead to his recent blog, “The Future of Estate Agency?” It’s important stuff so enjoy the read; Ed….. A few weeks ago I talked about how unless agents had … Continue Reading

Coreco Win Big at the British Mortgage Awards!

The big news this week is on the awards front as Coreco attended the industries Oscars, The British Mortgage Awards on Thursday in London. Coreco were again nominated for an amazing four awards and we are delighted to say that … Continue Reading

The Next Move in Interest Rates

It seems that the heat of a testy long, hot summer has seen the battle lines being drawn at the Bank of England. Just after the latest vote that had three members of the MPC voting for a rise, Governor … Continue Reading

Offset Mortgages Come of Age

The offset mortgage has always been something of an enigma in the UK after being heralded on their first appearance as the future of mortgages, however they have not taken off here in the same way they did in Australia … Continue Reading

Weekly Mortgage Market Update

Coreco have been in the press again last week talking about everything from the Bank of Mum and Dad, Mortgages and Interest Rates to Roboadvice! In the Financial Times we mentioned that “The banks and building societies need to lend. … Continue Reading

General Election & The Housing Market

So there you have it then. As the dust settles on the election result it seems that May’s unnecessary gamble, like that of her predecessor, means she may yet be hung, drawn and quartered. Remember, this all started because Cameron … Continue Reading

Bank or Professional Mortgage Adviser? What is the difference?

The fundamental difference between banks and professional mortgage advisers, (or brokers or intermediaries) is the way they work, how they are run, in fact their basic DNA and raisin d’être. One could argue that banks have never really shown any … Continue Reading

Mortgage guide – how to avoid the pitfalls

From preparing to enter the mortgage maze to receiving the mortgage offer that helps you purchase your dream home, our simple, 10-step jargon-free guide will help you take the right turns and ensure a stress-free and smooth mortgage process. Get … Continue Reading

The Future of Estate Agency? A Guest Blog by Ed Mead

Our regular guest blogger and Property Expert Ed Mead kindly shares his views on the future of Estate Agency and online. As usual it is a great read and as forthright as you would expect. Over to Ed… “You can … Continue Reading

Bank of Mum & Dad is 9th Biggest Lender!

The big news today is around a new report by Legal & General which found that the Bank of Mum and Dad contributes 26% of funds to the UK housing market. This is set to be a stunning £6.5 billion … Continue Reading