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Large Loans – 1 Million+ Mortgages

Coreco is a specialist in the large loan mortgage market and many of our clients require borrowings in excess of £1,000,000, up to £25,000,000 and beyond.

Whether this is on a residential, investment or commercial property, Coreco has extensive knowledge and contacts within the large loan arena. We understand that in this market, extremely high levels of service and discretion are required.

We have developed close contacts with several of the main private banks who take a “blank sheet of paper” approach to underwriting, treating each client very separately and thus designing a product specific to your individual needs. This often results in products that are significantly better than those available on the wider market.

Company loans can be arranged through various international jurisdictions, whether the Channel Islands, BVI or any other location that is required. Complex trust structures can also be catered for.

The essential point is that however you wish to structure your mortgage, offshore, through a limited company or trust, in sterling or in another currency, we are able to assist.

If you would like to speak to a consultant specialising in this area, and we would recommend this, please call 020 7220 5100 or click here for more contact options.

Bow Terrier

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This is Bow, he’s a plucky little Boston Terrier and knows a thing about mortgage applications. His owner, Patrick, is one of our clients and Bow here helps with his paperwork. If there’s anything you need to know about mortgage applications or the paperwork entailed then check out our advice hub – it has everything you need!

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Mr M Turner & Ms J Andrews – March 2017

Very clear and easy to contact. Made getting a mortgage simple and easy.

Adviser: Sanjay Lalji – C1054182