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Weekly Mortgage Market Update

19th June 2017

Coreco have been in the press again last week talking about everything from the Bank of Mum and Dad, Mortgages and Interest Rates to Roboadvice! In the Financial Times we mentioned that “The banks and building societies need to lend. This means they will continue to do more to try and attract customers to them. […]

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General Election & The Housing Market

13th June 2017

So there you have it then. As the dust settles on the election result it seems that May’s unnecessary gamble, like that of her predecessor, means she may yet be hung, drawn and quartered. Remember, this all started because Cameron thought UKIP were a threat and rather than toughing it out, panicked. Since then there […]

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Bank or Professional Mortgage Adviser? What is the difference?

06th June 2017

The fundamental difference between banks and professional mortgage advisers, (or brokers or intermediaries) is the way they work, how they are run, in fact their basic DNA and raisin d’être. One could argue that banks have never really shown any real discernible interest in the overall welfare of their customers? In fact the opposite is […]

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Mortgage guide – how to avoid the pitfalls

30th May 2017

From preparing to enter the mortgage maze to receiving the mortgage offer that helps you purchase your dream home, our simple, 10-step jargon-free guide will help you take the right turns and ensure a stress-free and smooth mortgage process. Get your documentation in order If your documents are in order from day one it can […]

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The Future of Estate Agency? A Guest Blog by Ed Mead

26th May 2017

Ed Mead

Our regular guest blogger and Property Expert Ed Mead kindly shares his views on the future of Estate Agency and online. As usual it is a great read and as forthright as you would expect. Over to Ed… “You can buy Neurofen from Boots for £2.50 a packet, or you can buy own brand Ibuprofen […]

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Bank of Mum & Dad is 9th Biggest Lender!

02nd May 2017

The big news today is around a new report by Legal & General which found that the Bank of Mum and Dad contributes 26% of funds to the UK housing market. This is set to be a stunning £6.5 billion this year which, if the Bank of Mum & Dad were an actual bank, would […]

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Hands Off Our Property Market – Ed Mead

26th April 2017

Ed Mead

Unlike the Stock Market, which has the liquidity and infrastructure to react quickly to political and economic events, you don’t often hear house prices mentioned as a barometer of current events. Just as well really if you look at how that market has been tinkered with via various external levers over the last few years. […]

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Election & Mortgage Rate Fever!

24th April 2017

We laughed during the Scottish Referendum, we cried during the Brexit vote and now, just when you thought it was safe to walk past your local polling station without a second glance, that little booth where you put your crosses is back – and this time it’s personal. Yes, Theresa May (who I heard someone […]

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5 Year Fixed Priced at 2 Year Rates! Atom Bank Start Price Disruption

11th April 2017

Atom bank is offering customers the chance to lock into a 5 year fixed rate mortgage at the same rates as their current 2 year products, starting at just 1.29%. This revolutionary move of aligning rates across short and longer term fixed rate mortgages will enable customers to fix one of their most significant monthly […]

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New Tax Year brings changes for Landlords & Buy To Let Mortgages

10th April 2017

The new tax year is underway and the first stage of changes to landlord’s income and tax regimes are now in effect. As a reminder below these are the changes that have been implemented so far :- April 2016 – 3% Stamp Duty Land Tax surcharge on additional properties – paid by anyone with more […]

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This is Bow, he’s a plucky little Boston Terrier and knows a thing about mortgage applications. His owner, Patrick, is one of our clients and Bow here helps with his paperwork. If there’s anything you need to know about mortgage applications or the paperwork entailed then check out our advice hub – it has everything you need!

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