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Hands Off Our Property Market – Ed Mead

26th April 2017

Ed Mead

Unlike the Stock Market, which has the liquidity and infrastructure to react quickly to political and economic events, you don’t often hear house prices mentioned as a barometer of current events. Just as well really if you look at how that market has been tinkered with via various external levers over the last few years. […]

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Election & Mortgage Rate Fever!

24th April 2017

We laughed during the Scottish Referendum, we cried during the Brexit vote and now, just when you thought it was safe to walk past your local polling station without a second glance, that little booth where you put your crosses is back – and this time it’s personal. Yes, Theresa May (who I heard someone […]

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5 Year Fixed Priced at 2 Year Rates! Atom Bank Start Price Disruption

11th April 2017

Atom bank is offering customers the chance to lock into a 5 year fixed rate mortgage at the same rates as their current 2 year products, starting at just 1.29%. This revolutionary move of aligning rates across short and longer term fixed rate mortgages will enable customers to fix one of their most significant monthly […]

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New Tax Year brings changes for Landlords & Buy To Let Mortgages

10th April 2017

The new tax year is underway and the first stage of changes to landlord’s income and tax regimes are now in effect. As a reminder below these are the changes that have been implemented so far :- April 2016 – 3% Stamp Duty Land Tax surcharge on additional properties – paid by anyone with more […]

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Article 50 and the property market – Guest blog by Ed Mead

31st March 2017

Ed Mead

We know that lot’s of people will be talking about Article 50 and what it might mean for property owners, so we thought it was a good idea to ask Property Expert and general legend Ed Mead for his opinion. The last two/three years have seen an inversion of the usual received wisdom on property. […]

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Mortgage Market Update

23rd March 2017

A couple of interesting titbits this week and the first is a debate in Parliament over the fact that a track record of rental payments should be considered as evidence of affordability for mortgages. There are many people who are paying higher amounts of rent than they would do in monthly mortgage payments but are […]

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Monitor & Improve Your Credit Score

06th March 2017

It has been both pleasing and interesting to see the “return” of 1st Time Buyers to the market, with the Council of Mortgage Lenders stating that they have started to come back strongly, in a trend that is expected to continue. Buoyed by low rates and a number of Government incentive schemes such as Help […]

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The Age of the Mortgage Broker – Ed Mead

06th March 2017

We have asked back the renowned Independent Property Expert and commentator Ed Mead to impart some of his words of wisdom in the following Guest Blog:   When it comes to doing anything property related, unless you are fabulously rich you’ll end up having to deal face to face with estate agents, solicitors and mortgage companies. All three […]

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Is it now easier to get a mortgage?

23rd February 2017

woman shaking hand over table

It has been a thumping start to the year, with lenders seemingly falling over themselves to make early inroads into their targets and jockeying for position once more within the Best buy tables. As more lenders enter the fray, led by the new digital breed such as Atom Bank, as well as a growing number […]

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Bow Terrier

Mortgage Guides

This is Bow, he’s a plucky little Boston Terrier and knows a thing about mortgage applications. His owner, Patrick, is one of our clients and Bow here helps with his paperwork. If there’s anything you need to know about mortgage applications or the paperwork entailed then check out our advice hub – it has everything you need!

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