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Nationwide House Price Index Shows Growth Slows

30th September 2014

This morning Nationwide released their latest House Price index which showed that in September at least, house prices had fallen by 0.2%, with annual house price growth slowing to 9.4%. Over the quarter however, all regions saw more gains but it was the pace of these gains which shows the market is easing. In London […]

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Rate Wars 2 – This Time It’s Personal

15th September 2014

There have not been many periods that I can remember that has seen swathes of rate reductions from lenders against the backdrop of an expected future increase in the Bank of England Bank Rate, but then again we have been living through extraordinary times for a while now. When rates began to increase once more […]

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The Scottish Question & The Effect On Mortgages

11th September 2014

In recent days there really has been a sudden, although not altogether unexpected, shift in the intensity of the whole Scottish question. As the main party leaders started to panic and all headed oop North to try to plead with the average Scot after the polls over the weekend put the yes vote ahead, I […]

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Why Should A Borrower Choose To Use A Mortgage Broker?

08th September 2014

Even today, after the seemingly endless changes brought about by the Mortgage Market Review, (MMR), there still seems to be a general misconception of what a mortgage broker actually does. Brokers can tell you in seconds what the cheapest rate in the market is and, at various times, this will vary between a direct to […]

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Mortgage Market Update

28th August 2014

A cursory glance out of the window this weekend shows that summer is most definitely over and it is back to school with a bang! Although it is raining outside, there seems no danger of the lenders summer sizzlers fizzling out anytime soon and a whole raft of new cuts to lenders mortgage rates has […]

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Self-Employed, Contractors and the Mortgage Market Review

14th August 2014

There has been much written in recent weeks about the Mortgage Market Review, (MMR) and what effect it is having on those looking to take out a simple mortgage. Many of us have heard horror stories of clients having to attend seemingly endless interviews at their banks, to tales of draconian budget planners where haircuts, […]

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Mortgage Lending On The Up

04th August 2014

The Council of Mortgage Lenders have provided us all with an upbeat review by upping their forecast for mortgage transactions this year. For the first time since 2008 they now believe that gross mortgage lending will pass the £200 billion level with transactions up to 1.23 million. So despite many of the issues created by […]

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Buy To Let Mortgage Market Is Rocking

14th July 2014

It seems that the Buy to Let market is really rocking at the moment and lenders are doing all they can not to trip over each other to lend. New products and criteria changes are making this area of lending very attractive and there are now rates available that were once only dreamed of in […]

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Mortgages For Contractors & Freelancers – It Does Not Have To Be Complex

10th July 2014

Contrary to popular belief, mortgages for those employed on a contract basis or who are freelancing does not have to be so complex. If you have just started your first fixed term contract, or are perhaps considering making the switch from an employed position to a more flexible, contracting role, one question many ask themselves […]

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The Minsky Moment

10th July 2014

Guest blog from Coreco’s Rob Gill on how relevant Professor Minsky’s work is in identifying the mysterious “bubble”. During my 20 year career in Financial Services I’ve had the dubious honour of a front row seat to two of the biggest booms and busts in history. In my first career in Investment Banking, I worked […]

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