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Headline Mortgage Rates – It’s Not Always About The Cheapest

30th June 2015

Although there are a bewildering array of products available once more, the current crop of low rates are still aimed at a distinct pool of borrowers who have a large deposit or equity, a perfect credit score and a steady employed income. For these, A1 borrowers, even with the new affordability rules post-MMR, there should […]

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Is Now The Ideal Time To Expand Your Property Portfolio?

29th May 2015

It is an interesting time in the Buy To Let market, with more and more people quite happily identifying themselves with Generation Rent and a shortage of properties for 1st Time Buyers, there is more demand than ever on the Private Rental Sector to satisfy these needs, especially in busy areas such as London. What […]

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Large Mortgages & Housing Market Bounces Back

18th May 2015

Since the election there have been a few reports about how things have started to pick up again in the wake of a decisive result, with Rightmove predicting that “supply of homes for sale will increase between 10% to 20% over the next three months”. After the last election in 2010, seller numbers rose by […]

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Housing – An Issue or a Crises?

07th May 2015

So today is polling day and I have just exercised my democratic right and put the big X in the appropriate box. Who that X was for matters not, especially in my 17,000 majority constituency), but that is not the point. It still feels good to vote. Though to be honest it was a much more […]

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Age Concern? Mortgage Lenders Need to Stop Discriminating

23rd April 2015

The whole question of age is something that has started to become more of an issue for borrowers and therefore mortgage brokers. One of the main thrusts of the Mortgage Market Review is that of assessing affordability, so for me, if a mortgage is deemed affordable whilst the borrower is employed or in retirement then […]

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Right to buy votes?

14th April 2015

In resurrecting a policy that appealed three decades ago, the Conservatives are hoping that lightening can strike twice and voters will react accordingly. However times are very different and years of selling off the very stock that needs to be replenished, often to end up in the hands of private landlords, has helped to cause […]

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Technology, The Internet & Mortgage Brokers

14th April 2015

Apart from the election, (yawn), the last few weeks has also been dominated by much talk around technology and its application in today’s world. As I sat and watched an inspiring Dimbleby lecture from the wonderful Martha Lane Fox, setting out her view of Britain’s digital future and rightly promoting the role of women in […]

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The Mansion Tax – Lib Dems Release Their Plans

13th April 2015

One of the big talking points, especially in the London Property Market, has been around the possible introduction of a Mansion Tax on properties over £2m, as proposed by the Lib Dems and seized upon by Labour. The concern over the possible detail of this has undoubtedly contributed to a slowdown in the market at […]

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Will New Pension Freedoms Feed New BTL Boom?

09th April 2015

Andrew Montlake, director at mortgage broker Coreco, comments, “I suspect there will be more than a few people who want to use their new pension freedoms and many will undoubtedly look to bricks and mortar as a way of investing this cash. “The attraction will be the fact that buyers can obtain an income and […]

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