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Mortgages For The Self-Employed Are Not Quite The Stuff of Myth & Legend

18th August 2016

These days, the art of mortgage broking means looking way outside of the proverbial box in coming up with suitable options for clients who feel that the average high street lender no longer seems to have the time, expertise or inclination to help anyone who doesn’t fit rather neatly into a tick box. Step forward […]

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Mortgage Market Update

17th August 2016

So as we are now in the summer season, it actually seems that despite predictions to the contrary, August has started pretty busily for many brokers around the UK from what I am hearing. Of course a rate cut helps the phone to ring, but it is comforting that many of those seem to be […]

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Bank of England Base Rate Decision Commentary – CUT!

04th August 2016

The Bank of England have made the landmark decision to CUT Bank Base Rate to a new historical low of just 0.25%. This change has been expected by many for some time now and marks a statement of intent from the Bank after comments from Mark Carney, the Bank of England Governor, who is determined […]

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The Buy To Let Market – Banishing the Brexit Blues

02nd August 2016

For Buy To Let landlords it has been an extraordinary time. Amongst a litany of regulatory changes, tax changes and general landlord bashing there has been a judicial win for landlords who campaigned against unfair mortgage rate rises against West Brom and a realisation that actually, the market in general is in a pretty fit […]

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Rogue Monkey gig

25th July 2016

On Friday two of Coreco’s own took to the stage to perform in their indie rock band ‘Rogue Monkey’. With David Tinsley smashing the drums and Andrew Montlake storming it as the frontman and guitarist, the duo along with Petros Toseland on guitar and Andre Roese on bass rocked the venue ‘The Pipeline’ based near […]

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Remortgaging – Time is Right as 10 Year Fixes Hit New Low

18th July 2016

You know the story. Commentators, banks and even friends round the dinner table or at the pub have all been saying that you should be fixing your mortgage for, well several years now. However, for whatever reason nothing has been done and to be honest, you have probably played it right up to now apart […]

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Bank of England Base Rate Cut In August? What Does That Mean To You?

18th July 2016

Whilst the Bank of England announced last week that they were holding rates steady at 0.5%, they have dropped a pretty significant hint that there may be a rate cut in August, most likely to 0.25%. Although this does remain to be seen as the Governor has a history of twisting and turning, remember the […]

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Bank of England Base Rate Decision!

14th July 2016

The Bank of England have today announced that they are … HOLDING rates at 0.5%. After much speculation over the past few years that the next move would be upwards, remember Mark Carneys “At the turn of the year” comments, the situation Post-Brexit vote has changed everything and there was an 80% expectation that rates […]

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Coreco Win Awards At Industry Oscars – British Mortgage Awards

11th July 2016

It was a big night for Coreco on Thursday of  last week as the industry Oscars, The British Mortgage Awards, rolled into town. The British Mortgage Awards recognise the stand out achievements of the most deserving individuals in the UK mortgage industry. Each year the nominees and winners have demonstrated excellence in the intermediary sector. Every […]

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Brexit – Caution Needed, But Look Beyond The Hype

28th June 2016

As we all now know, the UK voted to Leave the European Union in a shock decision on Friday. There is a lot of speculation around the result of the referendum, but as with any change and uncertainty it is about keeping calm heads and not believing all the wild predictions that are being made. Much […]

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