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Are mortgage lenders rebuilding trust? – London Calling Property Podcast – September 2015

09th September 2015


London Calling is back with another slice of topical mortgage and property chat as we all get back into the swing of things after the “summer” holidays.

To discuss the current state of the nation as far as the Mortgage World is concerned, host Andrew Montlake @montysblog is joined by Richard Tugwell @rtugwell, who is the Director of Intermediary Relationships for Virgin Money, as well as Coreco’s enigmatic Managing Director Matt Lowndes @mattlowndes.

Questions include whether lenders are rebuilding trust in their brands, is there just too much regulation and are lenders ageist?

We also ask about New Build, whether lenders are ready for schemes like Help To Buy to be withdrawn and whether Mark Carney really knows what is going on with interest rates!

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