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Treating Customers Fairly

Coreco Partners proudly adheres to the Financial Conduct Authority’s principle of ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ or ‘TCF’.

The basic thrust of TCF — which is an enforceable principle rather than a law — is that all financial services firms must have procedures in place to ensure they can treat ALL of their customers fairly in ALL of their dealings, both current and future.

Coreco Partners aims to embed TCF into its day-to-day activities — not just as a principle but as an evolving culture.

Certain aspects of TCF are more obvious, e.g. ensuring all documentation is clear, simple and in plain English, and that any advertising clearly displays all charges; providing a transparent and fair fee-charging structure; and making sure that all advisers have the appropriate qualifications and can competently perform their roles.

The less obvious areas of how TCF is being adopted by Coreco Partners are:

  1. Putting a structure in place that ensures we actively learn from complaints and take all necessary measures to reduce the likelihood of the same complaints happening again.
  2. We intend to ask ALL clients to complete a client satisfaction questionnaire; we also intend to take this one step further by sending a similar questionnaire to all clients who engage us but then do not progress to offer.
  3. Providing a robust recruitment policy.

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Miss S Richards- January 2017

Excellent service- kept me regularly informed & updated throughout the process. Really satisfied customer- I would definitely use Coreco again & I would also highly recommend

Adviser Tom Matthews- C1050626